Conservatories offer us so much in terms of adding comfortable additional living space to a home, bringing the outside in.

The warmth and sunlight brought by conservatories is certainly most welcome, however it needs to be controlled to prevent the room over-heating and also to minimise light-damage to soft furnishings and wood.

Fortunately blinds offer the perfect way to control heat and light in conservatories, while simultaneously enhancing the overall look and feel of the room.


What we can certainly guarantee where conservatory blinds are concerned, is that there is a great deal of choice!

Some styles of blinds, such as verticals or venetians are popular choices and are used throughout the home. However there are several styles of blind which come to the fore in conservatories and are a popular choice due to their aesthetic look and practical functionality.


Although pleated blinds are frequently used in en suites, bathrooms, kitchens and lounges it is in conservatories where they really come into their own.

Pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories because:

  • Foil backed fabrics reflect unwanted heat and light.
  • They are designed to perfectly fit the acute angles present in conservatory roof windows.
  • The broad choice of different fabrics mean that a style can be chosen to suit your individual room decor.
  • The minimalist design and simple blind controls ensure window sills remain clutter free.
  • They represent excellent value for money and are highly durable.
  • They can be fitted snuggly to doors and tilting windows.


But there are other options…


Wooden venetian blinds deliver clean lines within the room maximising a feeling of space and openness.


Wood weave (pinoleum) blinds are similar to pleated blinds in so much as they are made to perfectly fit the acute angles found in conservatory roof windows. However they also create a feeling of warmth and offer a more relaxed and traditional feel than other blinds.


The options do not end there.

It is perfectly reasonable and a common choice, for customers to opt for a mixture of blinds. For instance a good combination is to use roller blinds on side windows, with pleated within the roof space.

A similar alternative is to use vertical blinds for side windows with pleated blinds of the same colour used for the roof.

Therefore where conservatories are concerned, there is a tremendous amount of choice on offer.


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