There are many blinds and shutters suitable for the Nursery or a child’s bedroom. However it is really important to carefully consider:

  • Design
  • Light control
  • Child safety


From a design perspective, as with other rooms in the home, we have a broad range of products which will meet your individual circumstances.

The look and feel of the room is obviously key. However where children are concerned, we believe that child comfort and safety are even more important.


It is incredibly serious to ensure that children, when unsupervised, cannot access parts of a blind which may cause them harm. Please see are child blind safety page for more details.


In terms of comfort (for both the child and the parent), probably the most important consideration is the control of daylight. Particularly early in the morning.

Aspect Blinds have a range of black-out fabrics most commonly used with roller blinds. These fabrics are ideal for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

Why? Because no light is visible through the fabric and it makes a considerable difference to minimizing early morning daylight.


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