Whether you refer to this room as a lounge, living room or drawing room this is surely one of the most important areas of the house, because simply we spend so much time here!

Therefore the style and decor we choose for this room is important and deserves considered thought.


One question we often ask when selecting blinds for any room in the house is ‘what is most important to you’? Is it how the window looks outside (in the context of all the other rooms facing the world), or is it more important to select a unique blind or shutter to match the individual room’s circumstances?

Often the answer is ‘both’! However if you are mostly concerned with the home’s external appearance then you will need a good ‘all-rounder’ suitable for any location. Therefore shutters, or blinds such as: verticals or venetians may be a good choice as they are versatile enough to be used across the house.

If however we only need to consider a single room, then we can be a little bolder and think of what might look best with only the lounge in mind.


One popular idea is to opt for roman blinds. The huge choice of fabrics mean that we can easily match the blind to your lounge soft-furnishings and colour scheme.

However a blind not to overlook when considering the lounge, is the panel blind. This new and innovative creation is perfect for apartments and modern homes were an open plan setting is in place.

These fabulous blinds are an ideal way to introduce a confident section of colour and at the same time create defined areas in the room.


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