Dining room


The dining room of any home is an important room. Sometimes reserved for special occasions, but always at the heart of your relationship with family or friends.


In many ways, all the blinds on offer from Aspect are suitable for the dining room. However we would like to make a special recommendation for one blind in particular, the vertical blind.

Why? Simply because vertical blinds present a simple and effective design statement within a room.

Elegant and easy to use vertical blinds provide the perfect backdrop to an elegant dining room and if desired, allow other elements of the room decor to take center stage.


Vertical blinds within the dining room can be angled to ensure that light is perfectly controlled throughout the day.

And, when it comes to the all important meal, you can quickly and easily opt to have the blind’s fabric louvres completely drawn back, angled or closed as you wish.


We believe that vertical blinds offer you something unique with the versatility and range necessary to make the perfect dining room for you and your family or guests



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