Surely the bedroom is the most important room in the house, after all we spend at least a quarter of our lives there!

Where blinds are concerned we are often asked for a suitable choice where light can be controlled to ensure the best possible sleep, but without compromising on the quality or aesthetic effect available.


It is possible to combine blinds to provide a sheer, opaque appearance during the day where a total light blackout is not required, using for example a panel blind (as shown above).

This type of blind can be combined with a blackout roller blind used only during the night / early morning and hidden during the day.

This concept (of combining a sheer fabric blind and a black out roller blind) depends on the depth of the window recess, however it is a practical solution which balances the need to minimize daylight during the early morning and have a different style of light control during the day.


Other blinds available with blackout fabrics include the ever-versatile vertical blind.

However, often a total light blackout is not required. Particularly when other window furnishings are being used such as curtains. In these scenarios roman blinds can often deliver a stunning look to perfectly complete your bedroom decor.


For bedrooms where sky light or velux windows are present, we would always recommend either pleated blinds or velux manufactured blinds (available from and fitted by Aspect).


A premium alternative to blinds is of course shutters, which can be used in the bedroom to stunning effect.

Plantation shutters alone will not block all early morning daylight, however they are effective in terms of light control.


In addition, because shutters are solidly made by hand, using hardwood, they also reduce noise from outside the home. Therefore they have something unique to offer where bedroom window furnishing is concerned.



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