We have found that the bathroom is a part of the home where the functionality of a blind often needs to outweigh its ‘look and feel’ due to the presence of steam and moisture. However as one of the most important rooms in the house few people want compromise on style, a view we would completely agree with and support.

Moisture generated from showers and baths can (in certain circumstances) affect fabrics and wood. However, depending on the proximity of the window to a bath / shower, there are several options available.

While we would never recommend that a blind be placed in a location where it would become wet, we do have many products available which are specifically designed for bathrooms and repel moisture damage and mould.

Therefore popular and appropriate choices for the bathroom include pleated blinds and roller blinds

Plantation shutters also have something to offer within bathrooms. Their clean lines and quality construction can provide the perfect ‘finishing touch’ for your bathroom decor.

Therefore although we need to consider the unique environment present in a bathroom, there is no need to compromise on design. Using either pleated, roller, venetian blinds or shutters will ensure that you have both the design and functionality you desire.


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