Child Blind Safety



As a responsible blinds retailer and manufacturer, we take our commitment to safety seriously and none more so than when it comes to ‘child blind safety’.

Unfortunately the cords, chains and tapes used on many styles of window blinds can present a hazard to very small children who may become entangled and asphyxiate. It is essential therefore that parents ensure that children do not have access to blinds.

In order to assist concerned parents Aspect Blinds fully support the British Blinds and Shutter Association (BBSA) with their ‘Child Safety – Make It Safe’ campaign.

Please follow the guidelines stated below:

  • Keep blind cords and chains out of reach of babies and small children.
  • Install cord safety solutions to new and existing blinds, (available from Aspect Blinds).
  • Review every window blind where children might have access. Where there is a looped control chain or cord (without a safety device fitted) ensure that a device is fitted.
  • Ensure that children cannot reach operating blind cords & chains.
  • When buying new blinds where children will have access to them, ideally purchase¬† a style which does not contain cords or uses an in-built safety device.
  • Children love to climb, so please relocate cots, beds and any furniture away from windows and blinds.

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